Hunt for the Great Diamo

Act 1 - The Glaring Throne

Act 1
A Shining Throne

Rumors have been swirling through the Kingdom of Arlum, (where all of you currently live), that the prince went to hunt a great beast in the Ferid Forest, and that he perished when facing down the monster.

The queen of Arlum sends a herald throughout the kingdom petitioning any adventure daring enough, to attend an audience with the queen in her throne room in ten days.

You arrive amongst a sea of adventurers, all eager to hear what the queen has to offer.

Act 1 continued…

After our adventurers were tricked by the queen into drinking a deadly poison that would force them to go on the quest to kill the Diamo, they chose to except her apology and the antidote. Cathelio, thought long and hard about whether he wanted to bend to the will of this foolish queen. It was only his friends compliance that tempered his rage at the way she had gambled with their lives.

Our adventurers were then given a grand airship to travel to Ferid forest where they were to hunt the great Diamo. The queen also provided assistance in the form of her most trusted advisor and the master ship builder of arlum, Bali Starma. The grumpy dwarf was accompanied by Hilda Arran, the dead prince's betrothed. She was to serve as their representative of the goddess Gerana. 

The queen bid them farewell with the instruction to slay the beast and to bring back a trophy as an offering to the goddess.


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