Hunt for the Great Diamo

Act 2 - A Fiery Journey

The great air ship soared into the sky with our band of men and the beautiful Hilda. Cathelio the drow sorcerer approached the beautiful Hilda, attempting to gain her favor, but was disheartened when she rejected him outright, claiming his race was merely one step above wild beasts.

Seeing Wisdom, Rath allowed Hilda to wander off in disgust, while Dylan, slunk off to case the ship and see what information and valuables he could find.

As our adventures took in their surroundings, they began to hear a gentle buzz. They took notice of the buzz and despite its growing volume, decided to ignore it. Soon, the tiny plings and plungs of mini instruments began to fill the air. Cathelio and Rath managed to keep their wits about them, while Dylan began to dance like a drunken fool. 

Suddenly, a Grig swarm ambushed our adventurers. Tiny like blue creatures with sharp teeth and translucent calls filled the ship, tearing flesh and ripping the innards of the ship to pieces. Bali who was the driving ship ended up succumbing to the song of the Grig and started to dance, swinging the ship into a free fall and knocking over a gas lamp. Fire ignites throughout the ship and soon the ship's balloon is nothing but a massive fireball. The fire scares the grig and they seem to vanish in thin air as the jig of music vanishes. Bali attempts to regain control of the ship, but there is nothing to be done. Our adventurers brace for impact. Dylan in a sequence of darting and flips and dodges manages to avoid any major injuries, while Rath braces himself against the prow and Cathelio nearly loses life as he trips and is smashed repeatedly by debris.

The ship crashes into the forgotten marsh, carving a deep rut into the muddy swamp. Fire and debris fly in all directions burning our noble dwarf and scraping the cheek of the valiant Hilda. The ship finally ceases its movement and the fires die out as the damp and mist filled air quench its heat. Our adventures are left realing as their ears ring and their vision slowly clears. Soon they hear Hilda and the dwarf argueing with each other. The dwarf wants to stay and repair the ship, but Hilda insists they scavenge the ship and head out to continue their given quest. 

Our adventures rally around Hilda and promise to return to send a work team back to the dwarf at the first opportunity. The dwarf shrugs them off and throws Cathelio a poition, mumbling a derogretory comment about the drow and their weak constitution. 

Despite his wounded pride Cathelio drains the potion.

Our travelers follow Hilda into the dank and dreary swamp. Their path slowly fills with fog and soon Hilda grows frustrated. She asks Cathelio if they have been hear before. Cathelio looks at her in a distracted manner. He is taking deep breathes of the musty air. Rath agrees with Hilda and she gives a nod of acknowledgement and suggests he leads the way. Cathelio seems to be on the verge of understanding their situation but fails to cast detect magic and the party wanders in the marsh for nearly two hours before noticing a small boulder with a yellow glowing lighting in the middle of the stone.

They cautiously approach the stone, but fail to understand what it is that they are looking at. Dylan eventually casts stealth and slinks into the water. He puts his head under the shallow water and gasps, almost drowning as he realizes the glowing light has a partner underwater and it appears to be the head of an earth elemental. Dylan quietly returns to his friends and informs them of what he found.

Rath who has grown a little restless suggests they fight the elemental. Cathelio and Dylan eventually agree and they move into battle positions. Cathelio fails again to cast detect magic and as rath moves in for a surprise attack the elemental bursts from  the bud and lets out a monstrous roar. Dylan wasn't where he wanted to be when they engage the golem, and responds by hurling his grappling hook at the back of the golem. He makes a direct hit. He runs launching into a swing that brings him soaring behind the beast. As he crosses the monster's position, he scores brilliant hit with his dagger. Rath follows up with a glancing blow from his spear as Cathelio continues to move into position. The massive elemental then slaps his arms over his head, forming a giant boulder of muddy fists and slams it down onto rath. Rath catches the blow with his shield and easily shrugs off the blow. Dylan seeing the massive blow, pops into stealth and moves off to a better position. Cathelio prepares for a massive spell, but it is for naught. Rath calls upon all his strength and in a rage thrust his spear clean through the elementals chest. Both Cathelio and Dylan are astounded by the powerful strike that sends a shockwave through the shallow marsh. Glowing green cracks branch out from the hole in the golem's chest and crawl throughout his body until he shatters into thousands of pieces, releasing and even bigger shockwave that ejects the water from the marsh. 

With the water, a small passage is revealed to our adventurers. Small cobblestones with ancient runes scrawled across them carve out a small entry way. Our adventures peer inside, wary of the darkness and prepare to embark within its depths….


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